The Disorder

The Disorder

A Condition characterised by repetitive, programmed behavioural patterns in the aim for aesthetic perfection, reducing stress and promoting fitness, health and mental wellbeing.

In many individuals this condition is underlying and is masked by day-to-day priorities such as work commitments, child care or being seen to be part of the social norm (Thursday night drinking) this leads people to procrastinate about their Fitness and Nutrition.

You may procrastinate about your training or nutrition for a variety of reasons but the same ill effects come of it. A successful person must first master him- or herself to be able to create a lifestyle conducive to success.

You may be spending hours in the gym but failing to achieve your goals.  There are a number of reasons why your training may be failing to produce results, including your body adapting to your usual workout, not challenging yourself outside your comfort zone or not knowing how to perform each exercise correctly to activate the right muscles.

(see symptoms below)


Do You;

  • - Avoid going to the gym or working out due to Conflict, difficulty or hesitation on how to go forward.
  • - Consistently remind yourself how much you want/need to work out
  • - Lack confidence or independence in the “gym” environment
  • - Constantly self examine yourself in mirrors
  • - Get lured into drinks after work, day after day
  • - Have Repetitive guilt after binging on chocolate/crisps/cake etc.
  • - Envy the fitness of the person able to run down the stairs and not break a sweat
  • - Envy the body of those in the tight dress (Ladies), chiselled looking abs or muscular arms that always fill a T-shirt sleeve (guys)
  • - Keep that old pair of jeans just in case the day comes you might be able to fit in them (and continue to gauge your changing body on said jeans)
  • - Fail to prepare your nutrition and due to lack of time and availability eat whatever is most convenient
  • - Lack confidence when naked


Staying organised and ahead of the game makes procrastination a thing of the past. With a system in place, you’ll get drastically better results while also having much less stress, gaining confidence and research shows even more successful. Becoming efficient is a skill that takes effort, planning, and dedication. OGD offers a gateway to this lifestyle, not phase, lifestyle. Contact us for you free Consultation. However, once you get a taste of the lifestyle, you won’t ever want to go back. Commit to becoming the person you want to be, achieving the goals you’ve set, and do the work ahead.

Side Effects

  • - Rapid improvement in energy levels and dulls anxiety
  • - Clear and consist mind, along with a positive mental attitude
  • - Generally less aches and pains
  • - Higher levels of endurance and strength
  • - Impulsive need to broadcast achievements be it through friends, social media or family (being confident enough to do so)
  • - Successful rehabilitation from illness or injury
  • - Greater muscular tone and loss of unnecessary body fat
  • - Outdoing your team mates in other sports and activities / Outdoing other parents during physical activities
  • - General self confidence
  • - Good understanding of ones body
  • - Achieving fitness goals

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